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7 Easy Ways to Enjoy Healthy Sahur during Fasting

To meet the body’s nutritional needs throughout the day, make sure to always start fasting with sahur. Eating at dawn will meet your energy needs for a full day, until it’s finally time to break your fast. 

With a fairly long duration, it is very important to always have the right and healthy menu choices. In addition, also pay attention to several other important things related to sahur during this fast.

The following are some things that need to be observed during sahur, in order to stay healthy during fasting:

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Fiber is one of the important components that must be contained in the suhoor menu. Fiber will help the body feel full longer, including facilitating the digestive process during fasting.

There are many food sources that contain natural fiber and are suitable for consumption at dawn, such as: vegetables, rice, fresh fruits, nuts, wheat, and others.

Meet the needs of fiber during fasting, so that the body still gets these good nutrients and digestion can run smoothly.

2. Consume adequate amounts of protein 

Protein is one of the right choices that can delay hunger. This substance will make you feel fuller for a long time, making it suitable for consumption at dawn.

There are many sources of plant and animal protein to choose from, such as: milk and its derivatives, red meat, processed soybeans, lentils, poultry, and others.

3. Consume the right amount of fat

Don’t forget to keep consuming fat during the fasting period. You must include this in the sahur menu, but it must still be in the right amount. Choose unsaturated fats, so that the body remains healthy and free from the problem of bad fats that are detrimental to health.

There are many food sources that can be considered as a source of this healthy fat, including: avocado, mackerel, almonds, cashews, sardines, and others. In addition, you can also replace cooking oil with a healthier type of oil, such as olive oil or canola oil.

4. Avoid salty and sweet foods

Sweet foods and drinks are always tempting. However, various foods that are too sweet and also salty like this, are not the right choice when you are having sahur.

You will get thirsty easily after consuming sweet or salty foods, so you need more fluids. This certainly will not be difficult during fasting.

In addition, foods that contain a lot of salt or sugar will also absorb more water in the body.

5. Meet the needs of blood sugar

During fasting, it is important to keep blood sugar levels stable and meet the needs of activity. This will prevent you from getting tired easily or even experiencing too much energy loss.

In order to stay active and healthy, make sure you consume the right amount of sugar. This sugar intake can be obtained from a variety of healthy foods, such as fresh fruits and natural fruit juices.

6. Consumption of good quality food

Eating a lot at dawn may be the choice of many people, considering that the fasting period is indeed quite long. However, such quantity does not always guarantee the quality of the food consumed.

Focus on the quality of food enjoyed at dawn, because these foods must meet the nutritional and energy needs for a full day. Make sure to eat in the right portions and healthy, so that the intake of these foods can really support all routines throughout the day.

7. Avoid eating too late

Don’t eat too late, especially if you want to rest right away. Digestive problems can be caused by eating too late at night like this. 

Instead of enjoying a comfortable rest, you can find it difficult to sleep, or even not be able to enjoy sahur the next day. If it’s like this, fasting will not run smoothly, right?

Healthy Sahur with the Right Menu

Enjoying sahur is one of the easy steps you can take to maintain stamina during fasting. Avoid various foods and bad eating habits at dawn. Enjoy sahur with a healthy and appropriate menu, so you can fast with a fit body during this Ramadan.





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