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3 Langkah Ini Membantu Menentukan Tujuan Hidupmu

Menjalani kehidupan yang monoton kerap menjadi kesulitan tersendiri untuk sebagian orang. Alih-alih menemukan pencapaian dalam hidup, kondisi ini justru bisa saja membuat seseorang terjebak dalam kehidupan yang itu-itu saja. Jika mengalami kondisi yang seperti ini, maka kamu tentu kerap kebingungan tentang apa yang akan kamu capai dalam hidup ini.

Jangan berdiam diri dan kebingungan dengan tujuan hidup, sebab hal ini akan membuat kamu jalan di tempat saja. Segera lakukan perubahan dari hal yang kecil terlebih dahulu.

Berikut ini beberapa langkah jitu yang bisa dilakukan untuk segera menentukan tujuan hidup.

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1. Define the next 30 day challenge

Making changes on a large scale is a very difficult thing for some people, so avoid it. You can start changes from small things that can be done first. 

Begin to determine what challenges will be achieved for the next 30 days. You can relate this to various long-term goals in your life.

For example  , for a long time you wanted to buy a private house , but high property prices immediately made your guts shrink. Instead of trying to make it happen, you just stare at the property prices that increase every year, while you do nothing to be able to own it.

If you want a change in achieving the life goals above, then start changing your mindset about the price of an expensive house. Home prices are high, but you can buy them if you take the right steps. 

You can challenge yourself for the next 30 days to make money that can be used to buy this house by investing. Allocate IDR 300 thousand to buy mutual funds and manage them well. 

Then let the money give you some profit for the next 30 days. It’s not just about changing your mindset about the future, it’s also about managing your money and getting your dream home.

2. Keep honing your skills 

Skill is a valuable asset that will become something that can sustain life. Whatever it is, never underestimate the skills you have. Sharpen your skills to be even better. This will allow you to become an expert in the field you are interested in or even engage in as your main job.

In addition, learning various new skills is equally important. You will always have a passion for mastering a certain field, especially one that can support future success. 

This new skill does not always have to be a trend or even liked by many people. The more unique your expertise, the more chances of success in that field, so don’t ignore that.

3. Know and understand yourself

Finding yourself is not always easy for some people, maybe for you too. If you want to change the future, then you have to start knowing yourself better. 

Start this by asking yourself what you like and what makes you happy . These questions will help you determine your vision and mission in your future life. 

You will no longer be “lost” and confused in life, because you can determine your life goals more precisely.

Your future starts now

Your future will depend on what you do now. If you are just lazing around, then don’t expect your future to be bright. It’s different with someone who makes plans for the future or life goals from now on. It is certain that life will go according to plan. 

Take the time to hone your skills and see what you want to achieve in life. This will make it easier for you to determine your life goals, including to achieve these goals well in the future.

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