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Want to Buy Critical Illness Insurance, Consider This

Health risks, such as disease can happen to anyone and at any time. No one will ever know it’s coming.

Your job apart from maintaining health, is to provide an ‘umbrella.’ This umbrella is health insurance that can cover financial losses due to health risks.

Infected with ordinary diseases, the cost of treatment and hospital care is expensive. Moreover, to suffer from critical illnesses, such as cancer, diabetes, stroke, heart, kidney failure, and others.

Those are the diseases that can make your savings and assets run out without critical illness insurance. Critical illness insurance is a product that provides protection to the insured who suffers from a critical illness.

This insurance provides coverage or compensation funds are quite large, hundreds of millions to billions of rupiah. Critical illness insurance pays 100% compensation if the insured has reached a critical condition suffered according to the policy provisions.

The following considerations before buying critical illness insurance:

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  • Medical history

If there is a family member who is or has ever suffered from a critical illness, you will be at high risk of developing a similar illness in the future. For example diabetes, which is often called a hereditary disease.

Therefore, check your health condition. And apply for critical illness insurance as a protective measure if your family has a history of critical illness.

  • Lifestyle

Your lifestyle will also affect your current and future health conditions. If you are a person who is lazy to exercise, does not like eating vegetables and fruits, and often stays up late, you are a person who has an unhealthy lifestyle.

This lifestyle will be prone to make you sick, including suffering from a critical illness. In addition to changing your lifestyle to be healthier, you can also take anticipatory steps by buying critical illness insurance.

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